Eric Mullendore

Owner and Lead Architect

As long as he can remember, Mullendore wanted nothing more than to become an architect.  As a child, he spent hours poring over any floor plans he could find, often modifying them in his head to suit his earliest clients.  When he was a boy, his parents designed and built a house.   He still has his earliest drawings, done at the age of six and by the time he started formal training in architecture, he had a whole portfolio of houses he drew on his father's scrap paper from work.  The course was set.
He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University.  He earned his Master of Architecture from Harvard University.  While at Harvard, he worked for a landscape architect, Michael Van Valkenburgh, giving him great respect for and training in that profession as well.
He began working in the field in 1984, then working for small residential offices, and freelancing until he began his practice in Chicago in 1992.
Mullendore is licensed both as an architect and an interior designer.  The firm handles both types of projects, often with the same client.  The firm has also done landscape projects for their residential projects.  Work has taken the firm all over the country and of course, throughout the Chicago area.
Above his desk is a framed inscription that says "Blessed is that man who has found his work".  That about sums it up...

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